Tonor 4CH Remote Control RC Wall Climbing Climber Review

Tonor 4CH Remote Control RCTonor 4CH Remote Control RC Wall Climbing Climber – What enjoyable this little vehicle is. Enjoying it go up and down walls is excellent. This is an incredible light up toy and climbs up wall surfaces, cupboards and also doors, is a little on the noisy side however the enjoyable aspect more than offsets it. Works wonderful, item as defined. Perfect size. No various actually to hamleys version. He really loves this auto and also having lots of fun everyday.

1. The Tonor 4CH Remote Control RC Wall Climbing Climber is an absolutely unbelievable, gravity resisting, remote controlled Feat Vehicle that does simply exactly what its name suggests, it actually does go up wall surfaces.
2. Thanks to industrial fans and a sophisticated air system, this tiny rc vehicle pulls air in under itself which holds it to the wall surface.
3. Own it directly at the wall, when it gets there it begins to tilt upwards as well as at 45 degrees the monster gravity opposing Traction Modern technology kicks in essentially sucking things to the wall, where you drive it about as though it was on the flooring. If racing flat isn’t sufficient, friends and family will certainly be amazed when they see you race your brand-new micro automobile on the wall surfaces and even ceilings!
4. The ultra light-weight vehicle body combined with a powerful suction fan, allows you zip along walls as well as ceilings at complete throttle, leaving regular floor racers in the dirt.
The Wall surface Driving Cars and truck is an utterly amazing, gravity resisting, remote controlled Stunt Auto that does simply exactly what its name indicates, it truly does climb up wall surfaces.

1. The wall climbing auto could not be driven in one straight line.
2. Keep the car far from water
3. Grown-up supervision suggested at all times make sure no individuals, animals or objects are located below the wall climber when you are driving it on a wall surface or ceiling, as it could fall
4. Not appropriate for kids under 8 years old-Chocking Hazard tiny parts
5. Do not take care of in heat or fire
6. Get rid of all batteries of not in use for an extended period of time

1 * Wall Mountain climber
1 * Controller/Charger.
1 * Guideline.

The item showed up promptly. Great service. So we placed it to the test. With Mood at the wheel, in a manner of speaking, we attempted the auto out. In normal driving mode – on the ground it really did not specifically like our extremely uneven floors – this is typical for RC autos so not something we will certainly mark it down for. On a more also emerge it executed as one would anticipate. The enhancement of different lights brightening when turning, going forwards, and reversing is a great function. However exactly what about the wall surfaces! So, we changed the vehicle to wall surface climbing. The electric motor is a little louder on this setting as the suction follower under the vehicle runs. Tonor 4CH Remote Control RC Wall Climbing Climber operates like a hovercar in reverse … a sucker car. you positioned it on the wall for Aura as well as. Well it stuck there – it actually stayed on the wall where you placed it! Speak about surprised. Mood deftly put it through its paces, did she collapse the cars and truck – well naturally she did. Did the vehicle fall to the group – yes. Did the cars and truck break – no, no damage whatsoever. In fact Mood crashed the cars and truck numerous times with the automobile dropping almost from the ceiling on our tough wood floorings as well as absolutely nothing, not a little bit of damage. Much like on the ground the automobile adheres to the walls with no trouble, driving up as well as down as well as around and also about. TONOR 4CH Remote Control RC Wall Car Racer Blue is only if you crash that the car might fall from the wall surface.

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  • Gravity-Defying: This Toy car can be drove on any smooth surface, such as floors, windows, even ceilings. Fun time everywhere!
  • Multi-functional: This car has two motivation options. Not only it can be used as a wall climbing car, but also a regular remote car.
  • Special Features: Special vacuum feature that allows the car to drive vertically or “climb walls”. The ultra lightweight car body coupled with a powerful suction fan, please do not drive it on hollow, non-planar, the track must be smooth or glassy
  • Safe charging: The remote powered by 6 AA batteries and the car can be charged by its remote. It reduces the possibility of electric shock.
  • Strong car body: Adapted new materials, strong shockproof car body, help reduce the damage of falling by accident and prolong the service time.

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