Playtech Logic 1:24 Radio Controlled 4 Wheel Drive Drifting RC Cars Review

PlaytechPlaytech Logic 1:24 Radio Controlled 4 Wheel Drive Drifting RC Cars – Compete your RC drift automobile as well as reveal it off to its greatest stylishly. This full function 4WD RC Automobile is created to drive forwards, in reverse, turn left as well as best as well as of course, drift! Amazing drifting power is the characteristic of these 4×4 rc drift cars and the unique drift tires make wandering a desire.

The resilient drifting push-button control cars and truck sporting activities a difficult monocoque frame and tough outer covering for better accident resistance. The broadband racing electric motor creates quick, sharp drift turns. This incredible, 4-wheel-drive radio control drift cars and truck will supply hrs of entertainment for grownups and also youngsters.

These Playtech Logic 1:24 Radio Controlled 4 Wheel Drive Drifting RC Cars are a real reward. They come full with roadway cones to define your very own drifting circuit as well as race 2 drifting RC vehicles together. There is also an extra set of tires to transform your RC drift autos right into on roadway RC cars if you simply can’t take care of the drift! The simple to use hand held push-button control enables you to fully control the movements of the radio control drift vehicle – forward/reverse, left/right as well as stop, and of course show your wandering prowess! We recommend making use of thes 1:24 RC wandering vehicles inside your home, but it can be used outdoors on a tidy, dry, flat surface area.

– Manufacturing facility constructed and ready to run full feature on roadway RC car – forward/reverse, left/right, quit
– Your 1:24 on roadway RC drifting vehicle appropriates for inside or outdoors usage
– Both drifting vehicles have flexible front wheel positioning as well as shock absorbers
– Superb comprehensive outside reproduction of the main Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline GTR drifting vehicles with automobile paint
– Rims and also moulded tyres for wonderful on roadway RC vehicle driving
– Frequency: 27/40Mhz

– Scale: 1:24
– Remote distance: up to 10m
– Battery: requires 5 x AA 1.5V (not included)
– Frequency: 27/40Mhz
– Dimensions: Toyota Supra: L200 x W80 x H55 mm; Nissan 350Z: L175 x W80 x H55 mm, Skyline GTR: L180 x W65 x H55 mm

Playtech Logic 1:24 Radio Controlled 4 Wheel Drive Drifting RC Cars – is very delighted with you acquisition. It’s very awesome and truly looks great. It’s well made and is easy to drive. It is extremely easy to obtain to rotate as well as all The kids (and also grownups) have loved having fun with it. Truly is a great plaything, could not locate any type of mistakes. It arrived perfectly presented in a charming box. It looks great, works great and also your kid loves it. The auto runs well that makes a fantastic toy/ present for children and also adults. you really can’t grumble regarding anything. On the whole, this is a great cars and truck toy.

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  • READY TO RUN, these epic 1:24 4 wheel drive drifting remote control cars for kids are among the most stunning RC drift cars for kids and for adults alike!
  • 2 CAR RACING – these 4wd remote control cars have a 10 metre control range and come complete with road cones to mark out your own drifting circuit and race 2 drifting RC cars together – choose 1 of each frequency (see product details below)
  • FULL FUNCTION 4×4 radio control cars are designed for extreme speeds with adjustable front wheel alignment, rims, drifting tyres, spare set of on road tyres, a hard monocoque frame and tough outer shell for better crash resistance
  • PERFECT OFFICIAL LICENSED RC DRIFTING CAR GIFT for boys (that includes you, Dad!), and for girls, these 1:24 Official RC drifting cars have a superbly detailed paint job and high speed motor making for quick sharp drifting turns
  • INDOORS OR OUTDOORS – 4wd toy cars can be used indoors or outdoors (flat surface in dry weather). Comes with a spare set of tyres to turn your RC drift cars into on road RC cars if you just can’t handle the drift! Requires 5 x AA batteries (not included). For ages 6+

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